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Hi, I'm Andrew and I'm a web designer.
The web designer has the valuable task of creating web pages, which are the heart of the digital world. In them we can spend hours immersed, enjoying all kinds of information, which is presented through texts, sounds, images and videos.
Within the business world, working as a web designer will give you good opportunities, like a great job. Besides, you will be giving a great contribution to big and small businessmen, creating a space for them to make themselves known.
The web designer is a professional trained to develop sites on the Internet, following the requests of the client. He is in charge of creating a product that fulfills all the requests, taking into account important aspects such as the accessibility of the site, that is easy to navigate, with links that link the whole place and that provide the user with a pleasant experience.
A web designer is a key player in the digital world. His work helps the expansion of businesses through the Internet, because he has the important task of making the dream of every small or large company, as well as of new entrepreneurs, come true.
These professionals become the architects of the websites, building inside them a digital representation of what a company, institution, association or person can offer, placing inside the page all the information that allows the client to make himself known to his users