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I'm a professional photojournalist from Rome, but actually I live in Barcelona after almost three years in Berlin. In these cities, beautiful and constantly moving, I was having the opportunity to study in depth the complex urban transformation that characterizes the metropolis at this time.

I studied anthropology, urban geography and urban planning from the anthropological point of view, trying to combine, in my photography, all of these elements while maintaining a purely artistic vision.

My photographic study on urbanization , therefore, has an aesthetic value ye , but also tries to tell the man, in all its forms and urban locations, including its absence.

After telling the earthquake in L'Aquila ( published in the most important Italian newspapers between paper and web sites, which was followed by a solo exhibition in Palazzo Valentini in Rome, with the patronage of the Presidency of the province ), I realized a photographic work on the reconstruction and the new urban planning of Sarajevo twenty years after the end of the war.


- Published photographs of photographic reportage "L’Aquila - The ghost town"​ – June 2009
- Photo exhibition, supported by the Province of Rome, the report "L’Aquila, the ghost town" Egon von Furstenberg hall in Palazzo Valentini in Rome.
- Architectural Photographer, Study of the post-war urban planning in Sarajevo, 2013
- Photo exhibition “Ü-Berlin” Supported by Italian Ambassade in Berlin Italian Ambassade, Berlin, September 2013