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2013-2016           Orinoco Technologies Ingeniería y construcción        Caracas, Venezuela

Process engineer participate in Feasibility (FEED) study of the hydrolectrical plant on Magdalena river in Ecuador where the job is sizing of weir on the river, water take with steel bar screen, desalter, conduit pipe, forebay and penstock were sized for a flow of 7.7m3/s and 21 MW of power.

(PREFEED) Prefeasibility study of the hydrolectrical plant on Alambi river in Ecuador where the job is preliminary sizing of weir on the river, water take with steel bar screen, desalter, conduit pipe, forebay and penstock were sized for a flow of 8m3/s and 8.23 MW of power.

Planning development of the extra heavy oil fields Junín 1, Junín 2 and Junín 3 of the Orinoco oil belt using Questor onshore for J&F Investimentos. The Project consist of a study of the mention fields, production profile generation, sizing and costing surface equipment, CAPEX & OPEX profiles generation, and the economical evaluation of all cases.

Assistance to PDVSA Oil Seeding Plan (PSP) for its initials in Spanish in the area of refining, oil extra heavy crude upgrading and petrochemical industry. This project consists of determining the demand of equipment, material and human resources for each PDVSA project in order to optimize the financial of PDVSA resources.


2011-2012                            Independent consultant                                     Caracas, Venezuela

Analyses of PDVSA’s production and investment plan in short, mid and long terms for its capital & operating cost for the optimization project of the prospects of Sur Lago Trujillo’s Division. A Job that was done for Halliburton (2012).

Cost engineer for South West Soldado Field Project of Petrotrin, Trinidad & Tobago. (2011)

MPP Platform cost estimation in South West Soldado field. Capital expenditure plus cost expenditures estimation is calculated. This platform includes separation processes, export & gas-lift compression, export pumping; gas-lift system. Calculations of Topside as well as jacket are performed.


Feasibility study of the use of petroleum Coke (Petcoke) as a fuel for power generation project of Jamaican Petroleum Corporation. Petcoke transportation logistic from the exporting port to the importing port (Kingston, Jamaica) is developed.  Cost estimation of this logistic is also developed.


1996–2010                           Exceltec C.A.                                                       Caracas, Venezuela

Process Engineer

Worked in the area of surface equipment design and cost engineering in development planning of Oil & Gas Fields using QUESTOR as an equipment design and cost estimating tool, HISYS as process simulator and equipment sizing and PIPEPHASE for pipelines network solutions. Participated in oil and gas projects such as Cristóbal Colón (offshore), South of Monagas (onshore), South of Lake Maracaibo (offshore) La Creciente Colombia (Onshore) and Río Caribe (offshore) among others.

Worked in the design of a water treatment plant (Anaerobic Biological Treatment) and a salt mine design for the effluent of a desalting plant.

Worked in Model Development & Simulation of discrete and continuous system using WITNESS simulator. Developed VBA Macros on EXCEL platform to automatically pick data generated by WITNESS models and put them in a workbook for further processing. Among models developed are an Oil exporting terminal to determine number and size of tanks and number and capacities of jetties, and pipeline operations, also a railroad system to evaluate and to improve its performance and furthermore the fuel supply system for the city of Caracas to study if current installations were sufficient to handle leaded and unleaded gas, fuel oil, Kerosene and other fluids to satisfy PDVSA business plan up to year 2012.

 Worked in software development for production oil & gas profile with Visual Basic for Applications on EXCEL platform. Also developed a module of NPV for “Ruta” program written for Lagoven (PDVSA Subsidiary) in Visual Basic 5.0 (This program assigns drills to work required in different wells according to different objective functions, new module includes NPV as new objective function).

Manage the Exceltec’s Network which consisted of Windows 2003 server, 16 windows clients and direct access to internet through a router.

1987–1996                           Universidad Simón Bolívar                             Caracas, Venezuela

Assistant Professor of Control Theory

Taught courses in Process control, Control System, Instrumentation and Control, Control System Labs and Process Control Lab, Wrote Control System guide for lab’s experiments and Wrote Unit Operation guide for lab’s experiments. Helped saved energy by plugging an electric boiler from 220V to 440V outlet. Recovered unutilized Unit Operation Equipment.

1992-1995                            Intevep-Funindes                                                Los Teques, Venezuela

Consultant in Desortion of Gases in Viscous Liquids

Mounted an experimental apparatus for model validation and sampling system for data acquisition. Run several trials of the experiment and collected data in lotus 123 V4.0 Spreadsheet to compare with theoretical model.

1985–1987                           Polar Breweries                                                  Barcelona, Venezuela

Water Treatment Supervisor

Supervised water treatment operation at the brewery (process water and waste water as well). Reduced corrosion speed in process equipment by changing water treatment of different kind of waters.